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Fresh New Web Design

Like the new format? We’ve been doing some work on the design of the website recently, well, to be honest, when I say we, I mean Steve, my friend who works over at Jump Web in Wiltshire. He knows what he’s doing and is very creative. I’ll be the first to admit that the design of the site was looking pretty tired, it was put up in a rush a couple of years ago and hasn’t really had any TLC since, the occasional new web page has been added, and even they have been pretty few and far between. So I came to the conclusion that I should use it or loose it and asked Steve to give me a hand.

We had a chat about how I want the site to look, the main criteria is that it’s clean, easy to read and navigate, plus I wanted images to stand out on pages, I’m planning to start updating it much more less is bestregularly with art related stories so want the images to really jump out of the page.

The conclusion we came to over the actual design aspects was that it could well fall by the wayside again at some point in the future (yes I know that’s not the most optimistic attitude, but it’s realistic) so he didn’t want to spend too much time on design until he knew for sure that it would be updated, so suggested using a template which was already available and just tweaking it slightly for the time being, which is exactly what you now see.

I do like the clean lines and simplicity of it and I bet there are numerous design agencies who have charged their clients quite a lot of money for sites not entirely dissimilar to this one. I actually prefer it to the Jump Design website itself, although he assures me that he is in the process of simplifying that one too (could this be the future of web design? soon we will all just have one font, in one colour, with one header on a plain white background) Hmm, that would upset the big web design agencies!

simple design

So the next thing is to start working on the content, I’ve plenty of ideas and with the new plain colour scheme, images are going to be big and bold. I can also add things like additional menu’s and such to the footer so I’ll be making that much better over time, so the entire website looks shiny, new and loved again!

Nice Design ?

Just wondering what you think about the new design of the website? It’s been done by a friend of mine Steve.  He is actually a specialist in search engine optimisation at Eco SEO but does dabble with design too, but discussing that and trying to sound like I have a clue what I’m talking about just ain’t gonna happen!

Anyway, he’s installed wordpress which is about the most popular CMS available and is really easy to do, believe me, I watched him do it.  Literally logged into the hosting account, clicked on fantastico, then installed WP from there, it asked for a few details which we added and then it was live.  He installed a few security related plugins and some others for a sitemap and other things which I’ve never heard of, showed me what to do and it’s up and running.

Next we selected a design, there are absolutely millions of them available, but he directed me to a couple of sites and suggested keeping the look of it quite simple, so we picked this one and he had it installed and running in no time whatsoever.

So I’m happy as I can log in now and update posts, include pictures and pretty much do anything I want, even change the design and install SEO plugins at some point, but I guess it’s all one step at a time.

Anyway, I said I would point people in the direction of his website if they need an SEO company or web developer, seeing as he helped me out for free so there we go, job done.