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Davids Paintings

All of David’s paintings come with a legend, but the legends vary as widely as do his interests. David has painted a series on Mother Nature, portraying her in scenes ranging from her explaining the origin of woodpeckers, to fixing the ozone layer, to flying back from an intergalactic party after hearing that the life on Earth had gotten out of hand. David’s most recent inspirations have come from the field of physics. These paintings, too, come with stories. David’s irreverent sense of humour and history has made these paintings interesting and somewhat controversial


Sofia Martinez, glassware etching

Sofia creates beautiful designs on plates, glasses, and anything else she can get her hands on. Her designs are often inspired by Native American or Mexican folklore.

Click on a miniature picture to see an enlargement:

A native of Austin, Texas, Sofia has been living in Santa Cruz for several years.

For each of her pieces she creates a one-time stencil, so each one is unique. For Valentine’s Day, she is etching complemented sets of champagne glasses. When personalized, these glasses also make great toasting glasses for weddings and anniversaries. She also sells dinner plates, dessert plates, matched sets, wine glasses and assorted baubles.

For questions or to place an order, including custom orders (such as personalizations), you can contact her