Nice Design ?

Just wondering what you think about the new design of the website? It’s been done by a friend of mine Steve.  He is actually a specialist in search engine optimisation at Eco SEO but does dabble with design too, but discussing that and trying to sound like I have a clue what I’m talking about just ain’t gonna happen!

Anyway, he’s installed wordpress which is about the most popular CMS available and is really easy to do, believe me, I watched him do it.  Literally logged into the hosting account, clicked on fantastico, then installed WP from there, it asked for a few details which we added and then it was live.  He installed a few security related plugins and some others for a sitemap and other things which I’ve never heard of, showed me what to do and it’s up and running.

Next we selected a design, there are absolutely millions of them available, but he directed me to a couple of sites and suggested keeping the look of it quite simple, so we picked this one and he had it installed and running in no time whatsoever.

So I’m happy as I can log in now and update posts, include pictures and pretty much do anything I want, even change the design and install SEO plugins at some point, but I guess it’s all one step at a time.

Anyway, I said I would point people in the direction of his website if they need an SEO company or web developer, seeing as he helped me out for free so there we go, job done.