How to Become an Actor

Would it surprise you to learn that the production companies have to go looking for potential actors for all the films and programmes they make, from extras to leading roles and from theatre productions to game show contestants, almost everyone you see on the TV, in a Film or on the stage has probably followed up an advert for a role and been selected in an audition.

Remember that the A listers such as Brad Pitt (sorry I had to get a picture in here of Fight Club, this must be by far his best ever film, with the possible contender of Snatch) or Liz Hurley of course have an agent and companies would approach them, but for the vast majority they have to attend an audition. You probably remember Extras by Ricky Gervais and Steven Marchant, where poor old Barry from Eastenders was the butt of the joke, with his useless agent (played by Steven Marchant) never managing to even get him through the door, let alone actually getting the work.  Well, it doesn’t have to be like this as you can easily go out there and find it for yourself.

There are actually many companies and websites who specialise in finding actors and extras for all manner of productions from being in the background of a period drama shot, to being a Big Brother contestant (and yes I do know they aren’t making it any more, but for the purpose of this write up, I thought it was a good example as everyone has heard of the show and many tens of thousands of people have applied to be on it over the ten years it was running).

All the main TV channels have to go looking for their talent, so why not get yourself in front of them. If you register with the agents you can be on a list of suitable people in a certain area, or for a particular type of show or production.

Remember that when you do go along, you need to be well prepared, exactly as you would for any other type of interview, so if possible research the people involved, the tv channel and the show. Make sure you arrive in plenty of time too, you don’t want to get there late to find that your name was called first and you missed your chance, that would not be ideal, especially if you have spent a lot of time and money getting there.

So, to sign up for uk auditions or acting jobs have a look around and find a company you feel that you can work with, some with specialise in different areas such as film, theatre or TV, but whatever you do, just get yourself to the audition now or you will never end up with the job you want.